Guide to Use a Picture Password in Windows 8

Published October 17, 2014 by Admin

In Windows 8, you can login your account by using a gesture on a picture with the mouse or finger. This feature is labeled as picture passwords. This feature is quite useful for those tablets users who don’t want to do any typing when they want to login their accounts. Normally, you can create your picture password with gestures like circles, taps, or lines. After you take this feature into effect, you will be able to login your PC accounts via conducting those gestures in the pointed location. This tutorial below will show you step by step to create it. Let’s learn.

How to use a picture password in Windows 8

Step 1: press Win + C to get the Charm Bar click search, and type “picture password” in the search box and click Settings. And then, click on the search result “Create or change picture password” in the left side plate.

picture password

Step 2: click Create a picture password link

create a picture pw

Step 3: now you will get a window which asks you to type your password. Type in your own password and click OK

type password

Step 4: click Choose picture

choose picture

Step 5: select a picture that you want to set it as your picture password and click Open

select and open

Step 6: click Use this picture once you are content this picture

Step 7: Once it is done you will get a screen where you need to create three gestures that will act as your password. To create these gestures, you could make circles, straight lines, or tap in that picture. Please remember the order in which you make the gesture and their direction matters. Every gesture must be performed in the same order and in the same direction when you use it to login.

set up your gestures

Step 8: When the above step is done, Windows 8 will ask you to confirm those three gestures again to make sure you remember it.

Step 9: click Finish


Now, you can login your account with a picture password.

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