How to Activate the “God Mode” in Windows 7

Published April 24, 2015 by Admin

God Mode (also known as Windows Master Control Panel shortcut) that can help users access to all of the operating system’s control panels from within a single folder. Normally, this feature is hidden by default in Windowns operating system. Now this tutorial will show you how to add the “God Mode” control panel to Windows 7.

The differences between the Control Panel and “God Mode” panel

Control Panel & GodMode

Steps to Activate the “God Mode”

1. Create a new folder on the desktop. Right-click on the desktop and pull out the context menu. Select New > Folder.

New Folder

2. Rename the folder that you just created. Right click on the folder and select Properties in the context menu. In General tab, copy the following text to the text box with the name of the folder.


Folder Name

3. When it is done, hit Enter on the keyboard to save and close Properties window. From now and then, you will see the “GodMode” shortcut that looks like Control Panel window.


When you double click on the shortcut, you can change configurations without going through a bunch of different windows.

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