How to Add More Clocks to Your Taskbar’s Notification Area in Windows

Published January 23, 2015 by Admin

By default, you only get a clock by clicking on the displayed time on the Taskbar. However, you may have many friends who live in other countries. That is to say, you probably collaborate with them frequently. In this case, you can add more other clocks to your Windows, so as to get the accurate time in their countries quickly and conveniently. This tutorial is about how to add more clocks to your taskbar’s notification area. Read and learn how to do this.
Before add other two clocks:
one clock

Step 1: when you are on the Desktop, right-click on the current time and date which are displayed on the bottom right corner of the taskbar. Then click on Adjust date/time from the contextual menu

adjust date time

Step 2: when you get the Date and Time window, go to Additional Clocks tab

additional clock

Step 3: then you will get two squares check-boxes which are in front of Show this clock. You just need to check both boxes to enable these two additional clocks

check show this clock

Step 4: select the timezone by clicking or tapping the “Select time zone” drop-down list. Then, select the timezone you want to use.

select timezone

Step 5: enter a name in the Enter display name panel to name the clock

name the clock

Step 6: click Apply and OK to save the changes.

When you finish these steps, to view the additional clocks, you just need to click on the date and time which are displayed on the Taskbar notification area. The big one is your local time. The small ones are the timezones which you just set.
three clocks

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