How to Add or Remove a Favorite in the Internet Explorer 10 App

Published June 19, 2014 by Admin

The way that how to add or remove favorites in IE on Start Screen is quite different from that on Desktop Mode. In the Start Screen Mode, you cannot keep the favorites in order in the folder like those on Desktop Mode. In this tutorial, we will show how to add and remove your favorites from IE 10 in the Start Screen state.

How to Add a Favorite in IE 10 App

Step 1: open the website which you want to add to your favorites.

Step 2: press Windows+Z keys at the same time to get the address bar


Step 3: click Pin item


Step 4: click Add to favorites when a list pops up


How to Remove a Favorite from the IE 10 App

Step 1: double click on the Internet Explorer app to open it

Step 2: press F4 to show all favorites of your IE

all favorites

Step 3: search for the websites that you want to remove by scrolling the list. Then right click it and click Remove


Note: all favorites in both Start Screen and Desktop are the same. If you do some changes in the Start Screen, it happens in the Desktop Mode as well.

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