How to Change Mouse Pointers or Cursors in Windows 8

Published January 16, 2015 by Admin

Do you want to alter the default feature of your mouse cursor? In fact, you can change it to other paten, which can be larger or more outstanding than the default one. If you desire to change it to your favorite feature now, you can read the following instruction which displays a guide on how to customize the mouse cursor on your Windows.

Step 1: please select Settings after you get the Screen Bar by pressing Win + C


Step 2: click on Personalization


Step 3: when you get the personalization window, please click on “Change mouse pointers” which is on the left side panel.

change mouse pointers

Step 4: navigate to the Pointers tab

pointers tab

Step 5: please click on the drop-down menu to choose your favorite scheme

choose a scheme

Step 6: After that, the shape and size of your cursor has changed. This makes it more visible. You may also tap the box marked “Enable pointer shadow” to have a “shadow” under your cursor if you want. Once you’ve found a scheme you like, click Apply or OK.


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