How to Change the Account Picture in Windows 8

Published December 26, 2014 by Admin

What is the account picture in Windows 8? It is a kind of image which is associated with your PC account. It commonly appears on your log-in screen, as well as in the Start Screen. In fact, Windows 8 operating system does not provide any built-in pictures for you to use as the account image. So, if you want to use a picture as your account image, you can select one from your computer. This guide shows you how to set a picture as your PC account image. Read more.

Step 1: log into the Start Screen and click the user name which is on top right of the window.

user name

Step 2: when a menu appears, click on Change account picture option

change account picture

Step 3: click Browse link

browse link

Step 4: find out the picture that you want and choose it and click on Choose image item. Now the picture will be set as your account picture.

select picture

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