How to Create Windows System Image in Windows 7, 8 & Vista

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You can create a system image in order to restore your computer’s hard drives back to the state you want, especially when your computer start to show up some issues or your computer has been infected by viruses. You can create this system image by yourself and you also can schedule the creations of system image via the Windows 7 File Recovery program.

Schedule a system image backup automatically in Win7/Win8
Create a system image backup manually in Win7/Win8

Schedule a system image backup automatically in Win7/Win8.

For Windows 7:
Click “Start” button and type “Backup”.

Click “Backup and Restore” and then you can get into the Windows 7 File Recovery Application.

For Windows 8:
Get into the “Settings” – “Search“.

type “Windows 7 file” in search box,Click “Settings” and “Windows 7 File Recovery”.

Step One:

Click “Set up backup”.

Step Two:

You can choose the location you want to save the backup. Please click “Next“, in next section, choose“Let me Choose”and then click “Next“.

Step Three:

Click “Include a system image of drives: System Reserced” and then Click “Next”.


Step Four:

Click “Change schedule” to choose a best time for your computer to backup automatically and then click “Save settings and run backup”.


Step Five:

The backup is going on and you may need to wait for a while.

Create a system image backup manually in Win7/Win8.

You need to rename your system image backups if you want to save more than one back up in your system when you want to create a system image backup manually because under this situation your system won’t allow more than one system image on your backup drive at a time.

Step One:

Get into the “Windows 7 File Recovery”.

Click “Create a system image”.

Step Two:

Choose a suitable place to save the backup and then click “Next”.


Step Three:

Click “Next”.

Step Four:

Click “Start backup”.


Step Five:

You need to be patient when you wait for the backup progress. When the backup is finished, you can click “Close”.



You can now click on the Close button and exit Windows 7 File Recovery.

With the steps above, you will know how to create Windows System Image easily. If you have any question during the process, please feel free to ask a question in our Forum or leave a comment below.

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