How to Delete Browsing History and Cookies in Chrome/ Firefox/ IE

Published December 9, 2014 by Admin

Sometimes, you may want to prevent others from seeing what pages you have visited online. In this case, you must need to delete the browsing history and cookies on that browser which you are using. Generally, cookies store some information of your preferences on your computer. Others can use them with various purposes. So, in case that they are used in other malicious activities, you may need to clean them up sometimes. By the way, deleting cookies and browsing history can increase your browser speed to some extent. Since many users don’t know how to delete browsing history and cookies, we display a manual guide below to show you how to do that on various web browsers.

How to remove browsing history and cookies on IE

Step 1: open IE, and go to Tools, which is on top-right of the window


Step 2: select Internet Options in the drop menu.

Internet Options

Step 3: in the General tab, you can see the Browsing history, click Delete…

delete browsing history

Step 4: you will get a pop-up window which allows you to delete your history, cookies, and many other data. Select want you want to delete and click Delete.

delete browsing history 2

How to remove browsing history and cookies on Chrome

Step 1: open Google Chrome, click the menu icon which is located on the top right of the window

chrome menu

Step 2: select and click the History on the list

chrome history

Step 3: then, click on Clear Browsing Data

clear browsing data chrome

Step 4: a box will pop up. You should select the cookies items and click on Clear browsing data

clear browsing data 2 chrome

How to remove browsing history and cookies on Mozilla Firefox

Step 1: open Firefox and click the Firefox menu which is on the top-left of the window

Firefox Menu

Step 2: click History and select Clear Recent History…

clear recent history

Step 3: now tick the browsing & download history and Cookies and click Clear Now

Clear Now

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