How to Disable or Remove Add-ons in Firefox

Published May 28, 2014 by Admin

While browser add-ons bring us much convenience and functionality for our daily life, it also causes troubles, such as creating unwanted pop-ups and slowing down browser performance. That’s why this article we show you how disable or remove unwanted extensions and plug-ins from Firefox browser. Please follow the steps below

1. Open Firefox browser

2. Click Tools and select Add-ons to open Add-ons Manager


If you have hide your Menu bar, you click open Add-ons as follow


3. Click Extensions tab, find the one you want to disable or remove

4. Click Disable or Remove button according to your needs


If you want to remove a plug-in from your Firefox browser, it’s necessary for you to go to Control Panel and check whether it’s listed in the program list. If you can find it, you can try to uninstall the plug-in program first. By doing so, its plug-in may be removed when you uninstall its program. If not, you can try the steps below:

1. Click Plugins tab after you open Add-on Manager

2. Scroll down the list and find the one you want to disable


With the steps above, you will know how to disable or remove add-ons in your Firefox easily. If you have any question or problem during the process, please feel free to ask a question in our Forum or leave a comment below.

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