How to Disable the Sound of System Beep in Windows

Published January 22, 2015 by Admin

On your Windows, you may notice that if you hit a wrong key, if an error message pops up or when you are using volume control, you get a beep sound as a result. In this case, if you will run into this situation and hear this beep many times, that sound can be very annoying for you. Thus, according to many users complaining that beep, we display a guide here to show you how to disable that beep sound in Windows 7 and Windows 8, and keep it remaining silent, which won’t bother you anymore after a few steps. Read more.

Solution 1: Disable Beep via Device Manager

Note: this solution only works for Windows 7users

Step 1: click Start Menu and type “device manager” in the search box and press Enter

device manager

Step 2: on the top of the appearing window, you will see View item, click on it and select Show hidden devices from the drop-down menu.

show hidden devices

Step 3: find out Non-plug and Play Drivers from the list on the Device Manager window and click on the triangle in front of Non-plug and Play Drivers to unfold it.

non plug
Step 4: search for Beep on the unfold list and right-click it and select Properties

Beep properties

Step 5: navigate to Driver tab, click Stop button and choose Disable from the drop-down type

driver tap

Step 6: click OK

Solution 2: Disable Beep via Control Panel

Step 1: click start menu and select Control Panel

Control Panel

Step 2: click Hardware and Sound

hardware and sound

Step 3: click Change system sounds link which is under the Sound feature

change system sounds

Step 4: go to the Program Events panel and find out Default Beep. And then click on Default Beep to highlight it.

highlight beep

Step 5: After that, choose None from the Sounds drop-down list

select None

Step 6: click OK to save the changes

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