How to Enable GodMode in Windows

Published May 24, 2014 by Admin

Actually, you can create a control panel called GodMode in Windows 8, Windows 7, Server 2008 and Windows Vista. Through this GodMode, you can access to all system part in your computer more easily. You can modify the system settings or perform other administrative tasks conveniently from one screen. This article will introduce how to access GodMode.

PS: At the beginning of accessing GodMode, you should know that GodMode only works for 32/64-bit of Windows 8/Windows 7, 32-bit of Windows Server 28 and 32-bit of Windows Vista.

Step One:

Close all open windows on your desktop to make sure the work can perform more smoothly.

Step Two:

Right click of your desktop and click “New”.

Click “Folder” so you can create a new folder on your desktop.

Step Three:

Change the folder’s name as follow.

After you change the name of this folder, you can see such a icon on your desktop.

Step Five:

Double click this icon and you can access the GodMode.

Note: If you want to remove GodMode anymore, you can simply delete the folder which you have created.

If you have any question during the process, please feel free to ask a question in our Forum or leave a comment below.

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