How to Enable Shutdown Button on Windows 7 Logon Screen

Published March 4, 2015 by Admin

In general, the shutdown button at the bottom right corner of the logon screen can help you quickly access shut down, hibernate, restart and sleep option. But sometime, you might lose the shutdown button accidentally after you upgrade the Windows system. But don’t worry. Please follow this instruction to restore the missing shutdown button.

Method 1:

1. Hit Win and R keys to pull out the Run box. Type into the command “secpol.msc” and click OK.

2. Expand the Local Policies folder once Local Security Policy window opens.
local security policy

3. Click Security Options, on the right-side pane scroll down to find the option of “Shutdown: Allow system to be shut down without having to log on”.
security options

4. Double-click on the option to open a settings dialog box.

5. Check the option labeled Enabled and then click Apply button. Open Start menu, click power button and then click Log off to see the shut down button.

Method 2:

1. Hit Win and R keys to pull out the Run box. Type into “regedit” and click OK button.

2. In the Registry Editor, locate the following file:

policies system

3. Right-click on the Shutdownwithoutlogon at the right-side pane and select Modify.

4. Set its value to 1 and click OK. Then restart your computer.
change value data

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