How to Enter to Windows 8 Advanced Startup Options Menu

Published November 24, 2014 by Admin

What is the Advanced Startup Options? What is it used for? In reality, this Menu allows you to access many repair tools such as Reset Your PC, Command Prompt, System Restore and so on. Moreover, the Advanced Startup Options also let you access the Startup Settings, which may help you fix some system starting problems.

How to access to the Advanced Startup Options Menu

Step 1: go to the Start Screen and type advanced in the search box and click on Settings.

step one

Step 2: click on the Advanced startup options, which is on the left-side pane

step 2

Step 3: the General PC Settings window will be opened. Now scroll down to find out Advanced startup, and click on Restart now

step 3

Step 4: the PC will begin to restart and access to the Advanced Startup Options menu, and you will get the following shot screen:

step 4

Now, if you click on Continue, you will get your Windows run normally. If you click on Troubleshoot, you can access to some repair tools, which can help you solve some PC problems. If you click on Turn off your PC, you will turn off your PC immediately.

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