How to Find Files and Run programs or Apps Quickly on Windows 8

Published September 13, 2014 by Admin

Unlike Windows 7, which has a Start Menu for users to search for a file or program easily, Windows 8 however does not have the same Start Menu. Actually, Windows 8 also has a functionality for users to search for files, programs, and other documents easily and quickly. This guide provides a guide for you on how to use this functionality easily. Read more.

Step 1: Windows 8 hides this functionality behind, which needs you to press Windows and C keys at the same time. Then you will get the Charm Bar.

charm bar

Step 2: click on the Search icon


Step 3: Then you will get the following screenshot

app search

Step 4: you can type the desired file or document or program in the search box. And then, your Windows will find it for you if it exists.

Step5: for example, you type “window” in the box, you will get this screenshot. Whatever you type in that box, if it is available, it will appear on the left side window.
search for window

Step 6: now you can click on the program that you want and launch it by clicking on it.

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