How to Increase or Reduce the Size on a Monitor

Published July 24, 2015 by Admin

If you feel that the images size on your monitor is too large or too small, which make the images look stretched out and distorted, you can fix this problem by adjusting the screen resolution. Monitors come in all shapes and sizes to fit various display needs. So, changing your screen resolution will change the size of all of the elements that are displayed. You can change the monitor resolution to suit your needs by following this guide below.

Step 1: right click on an empty space on your desktop

Step 2: select the Screen Resolution option from the drop menu

screen resolution

Step 3: then, click the Resolution drop-down menu.

drop box

Step 4: Select a new resolution that fits your desired display size by Moving the slider up or down, which depends on your need.

increse or reduce

Step 5: click Apply when you finish it.


That’s all!

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