How to Know How Long Your PC Has Been Running

Published January 23, 2015 by Admin

Do you know how to check how long your PC has been running on? It is quite useful to know how long your PC has been on. But, how to find out your PC’s uptime? Now, take a few steps to check the uptime of your system.

Method 1: Check the uptime via Task Manager

Step 1: right click the Taskbar on your Desktop, and click Task Manager


Step 2: select Performance and click CPU on the left panel. And now, you should see the uptime is displayed on that window


Method 2: check the uptime via Command Line

Step 1: press Win + R keyboard shortcut


Step 2: type “cmd” in the box and press Enter


Step 3: type “systeminfo” in the window and Press Enter.


Step 4: Then you should find the System Boot Time from that output


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