How to Launch Your PC Faster by Disabling Winds Splash Screen

Published September 29, 2014 by Admin

This guide is mainly about how to boot up your computer faster by disabling the Windows splash screen on startup. In this way, you can fasten your computer booting and you can save some time. Now, please keep reading and follow the guide to make it effective.

Step 1: please open the Run box by pressing Windows+ R at the same time.


Step 2: type “msconfig” in the box and press Enter


Step 3: when the System Configuration window is opened, just go to the Boot tab


Step 4: go to the Boot options, and you will find No GUI boot. Now, please check it by clicking on the box before it.

No GUI boot

Step 5: click OK and it is done. Now you can reboot your computer to feel that the computer runs a little bit faster than before.


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