How to Make the Start Menu of Windows 10 Similar to Windows 7

Published April 3, 2015 by Admin

You can notice that the Windows 10 Start Menu has two parts, which mixes up the Start Menu from Windows 8 and Windows 7. If you don’t like this complicated Start Menu, you can change it to the one which looks like in Windows 7. Here’s a tutorial for you.

The screenshot of before you make the change:

start menu

Now, let’s learn how to remove the right part of the Start Screen.

Step 1: click the Start Menu icon to bring up the Start Menu

start menu icon

Step 2: right click each tile and click Unpin from Start

unpin from start

That’s it! Now you can see that those apps are gone from the Start Menu and you can have a slim Start Menu like Windows 7

slim start menu

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