How to Manage Google Account Permissions

Published July 25, 2014 by Admin

Do you notice that some apps as well as extensions which you utilize on your Google Chrome ask to log into with your Google account? In reality, this happens to other web apps as well. Once you agree to let a web app link to your Google account, your personal data will be exposed to this app. Some apps even access to your Google account by force without authorization. In this case, you should block its access to your personal account. Now, let’s see how to remove various apps linked to Google account.

1. Log into your Google account

2. Navigate to your homepage of Gmail or Google and click on the profile photo

profile photo

3. When you see a box popping up, please click “Account”


4. Then you will come to the “Personal Info-Account Settings” page. At this time, please click on “Security”


5. Under the “Account Permissions” plate, please click on “View All”

account permission

6. After that, you will see the list of the apps which can access to your Google. Just click those apps to determine which state of permission you have granted.


7. If you want to delete an app from the Google account, you need to click it, and then click “Revoke access” towards its sidebar menu.


In conclusion, this guide can help you protect your account privacy from being attacked by others.

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