How to Remove a Bookmark from Mozilla Firefox

Published November 7, 2014 by Admin

You may bookmark a website on your Mozilla Firefox before and now you probably want to remove it from the bookmark list because you don’t need it any more. If so, how to delete it? This tutorial shows you how to delete unwanted bookmarks from Firefox completely. Please read more and learn how to do.

Step 1: please launch your Firefox by double-clicking on its shortcut

Mozilla Firefox

Step 2: click on Firefox which is on the top left Firefox window

click Firefox

Step 3: click on “Bookmark

click bookmarks

Step 4: when the dropped menu appear, please click on “Show all Bookmarks

show all bookmarks

Step 5: click “Bookmark Toolbar” which is in the left plate

bookmarks tool

Step 6: select the bookmark that you want to remove, then right click on the selected bookmark. Select Delete

delete bookmarks

Now that bookmark should be removed from your bookmark list.

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