How to Remove Google Now Notifications

Published October 24, 2014 by Admin

Google Now offers some information like weather, events, traffic and others. It works as a personal assistant and tells you the recent weather information, or other messages. However, some users may think that it is rather annoying because it keeps those annoying messages about weather or events on the window all the time. If you feel annoyed and do not want to be informed, you can read the following post which displays a guide to disable the Google Now efficiently.

How to disable Google Now notifications

Step 1: launch your Google Chrome browser.

Step 2: at the address bar, please type chrome://flags and hit Enter key

chrome flags

Step 3: press Ctrl + F together to get the Find box


Step 4: type “Google Now” in the Find box and hit Enter

google now

Step 5: when the found item appears, click the triangle icon, select “Disabled” to make the Google Now disabled

select disable

Step 6: click on Relaunch Now to reboot the browser and make the change into effect

relaunch now

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