How to Remove My Recent Documents in Windows 7

Published May 29, 2015 by Admin

Searching for a solution to remove your recent documents list in your Windows? Do you hate some recent tracks, like your recent documents you have opened recently in the system? Sometimes, most of us don’t care about this and may keep it enabled. But what if you are sharing with the same computer with others or you are using a public machine? In this case, you would rather that the recent opened data is not visible. If you want to clear up all recent documents, you just need to perform some simple steps.

Step 1: right click the Start and select Properties


Step 2: go to the Start Menu tab, and click Customize


Step 3: uncheck the checkbox of Recent Items

recent items

Besides the recent items in the Start menu, if Recent Items is active, you would also find the list of the recent documents when you right click an opened program on the taskbar, which is labeled as the jumplist. To remove information in the jump list, follow this:

Step 1: go to the step 2 above, on the button you will see Start Menu Size

start menu sizes

Step 2: set the number of Number of recent items to display in Jump Lists to 0, and the dump list will be empty next time you right click the program on your taskbar.

no recent files

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