How to Replace Windows Clock’s AM or PM with Other Words

Published August 7, 2014 by Admin

Commonly, in the system tray clock (which is on the right side of Taskbar), it shows AM or PM symbols. But, in fact, you can change it with any other text rather than AM or PM. This post shows you some customization of system clock on the taskbar, such as replacing the AM/PM symbol with your desired words. Keep reading and learn how to change it.

Step 1: Please press Windows+R keys at the same time to get the Run box and input “intl.cpl” in the box and click OK.


Step 2: The Reginal and Language Options window will be opened. Then, go to Formats tab and click on “Additional settings” button.

Additional settings

Step 3: after that, you will get the Customize Regional Options window. By then, click the Time tab.


Step 4: now you can choose the Time format from its drop-down list.

Time format

Step 5: in the drop-down list of AM symbol or PM symbol, you just need to type any words in the box and click OK. For instance, please click the drop-down list of AM symbol, and type “morning” in the text box. And then, click the drop-down list of PM symbol, and type “afternoon”. When finish, please click Apply and OK to save the changes.

system tray clock

Step 6: go to the right side of the taskbar to see the efficiency.


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