How to Reset Google Chrome’s Settings to Factory Default Values

Published July 24, 2014 by Admin

If you are a Google Chrome user and you often encounter errors when you are surfing the Internet with your Google Chrome, you can reset the settings to fix the issues. By doing so, you will see that all custom settings such as extensions, search engines, and homepage will be changed to the default ones. That is to say, all of your favorites and bookmarks will be gone.

How to Reset Chrome Settings to Default

1. Launch the Google Chrome and click the menu icon


2. In the dropped menu, select Settings


3. When the Settings window is opened, click “Show advanced settings” link, which is on the bottom.


4. Click on Reset browser settings button.


5. Click Reset when the window pops up.


Now, you will see that your browser runs smoothly and crashing or other issues are fixed completely.

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