How to Resize Move the Tiles and Create a New Tile Groups in Windows 8

Published December 26, 2014 by Admin

How to Resize Your Start Screen Tile in Windows 8

There are two sizes of the Windows Apps tiles. The large size shows real-time information from the App. The small size only displays the apps’ name and it will act as a launcher for the main apps. You can change the size at your will. To realize resizing your apps, you can follow the below steps:

Step 1: please right click on the app. Then you will get a panel which allows you to change the size.

Step 2: if your app size is the large one, you will see the Smaller option on that panel. Click on it and the tile would be re-sized to be Smaller mode.

change to small

Step 3: if your app size is the smoller one, you will see the Larger option on that panel. Click on it and the tile would be re-sized to be Larger mode.

change to larger

How to Create New Groups on Windows 8 Start Screen

In fact, you can organize the tiles on your Start Screen in various groups. If you want to organize a new group, you just need to drag a tile to some blank space on the Start screen. Once you stop dragging the tile in the empty place you want, this tile would be the first tile in this new group.

new groups

How to Move a Tile in Windows 8 Start Screen

It is quite simple to move a tile on the Windows 8 Start screen by dragging it with your mouse cursor. To do so, please click and hold the tile with your mouse to grab onto the tile and drag it where you want.

move apps

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