How to Restart Windows Explorer via Task Manager in Windows 8

Published December 2, 2014 by Admin

In some cases, you may need to reboot your computer. For example, when you finish the installation of a program, or finish a program update, it always needs you to restart your computer to take this conduct into effect. This post provides a method to restart Windows Explorer. And luckily, Windows 8 operating system enables users to restart Explorer directly via a built-in option in Task Manager. Read and figure how to perform these processes.

Step 1: please right click the Task bar and click Task Manager to run Task Manager

toolbar properties

Step 2: please click on More Details

more details

Step 3: navigate to Processes tab


Step 4: on this window, search for “Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer

Step 5: click on the “Windows Explorer” to select it and click Restart


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