How to Schedule Windows Power Off Automatically

Published February 5, 2015 by Admin

When you have something else to do and cannot stay around your Windows but you need to keep your Windows running for downloading tasks or disk defragmentation, you can schedule your system to power off after those tasks finish. In usual, such kind of tasks will always last several hours. In this case, if you leave it alone until you get back to turn it off, it will waste electricity and cause unnecessary noise. Thus, due to this, we display a tutorial on this post. You learn this tutorial on how to schedule your Windows power off automatically at a certain time.

How to Schedule Your Windows Shut Down Automatically

Step 1: click start menu and type “task schedule” in the search box and click on the search result.

Step 2: search for Create Task… on the right panel and click on it

create Task..

Step 3: Select “Run whether user is logged on or not” and check “Run with highest privileges”. Input a name like “Shut down every night” in the Name place.

run whether user is logged on or not

Step 4: navigate to Actions tab and click on New…

click new

Step 5: in the New Action window, select the Start a program from the drop down of Action session. And then, type “shutdown” under the Program/script session and input “-s” in Add arguments (optional)

start a program

Step 6: Go to Trigger tab and click New…

trigger new

Step 7: in the New Trigger window, you can begin to configure the certain time to execute this action. When it is done, click OK

congigure time

Step 8: After click OK, you will be asked to type your logged in password. Type and click OK.

type password

Step 9: then, you can see that the task which we set previously appears in the Action Tasks.

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