How to Use PIN Code to Login to Windows 8 without Typing Passwords

Published June 19, 2014 by Admin

You may think that it is a little complicated to type a long password to login to your PC account. Luckily, this post displays a guide for you to login to your Windows by using a 4-digit Pin. This way is much easier for you to login to your PC. That’s because instead of typing a lengthy password, you just need to use a 4-digit Pin. Now keep reading the following steps and create one on your Windows.

How to Enable this Feature:

Step 1: open the Charm Bar by pressing Windows+C. Then click Search.


Step 2:click Settings type “pin” in the search Bar and click on the search result.


Step 3: click Create a PIN


Step 5: now you should get a screen which asks you to verify your current password, please type your password and click OK.


Step 6: now you can create a PIN for yourself. Type a 4-digit code and retype it in the Confirm PIN box and click Finish. By the way, you should know that the PIN should be made up only numbers.


Conclusion: after finish the above processes, you can login to your Windows by simply entering your PIN next time.

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