Steps to Transfer Data from Your Old PC to Windows 8

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If you buy a new computer, you may think that it is an upset thing to transfer the data from your old PC to the one you just bought. Actually, the system has a feature named Windows Easy Transfer, which can make the process of transferring less complicated. The requirement of doing this is to use an external USB hard drive, which is quite variable for most users. Besides, the Windows Easy Transfer will transfer data including pictures, desktop contents, documents, as well as videos, programs. Now, let’s learn how to perform this.

Guide to Do on the Old PC

Step 1: please click on the Start icon>type Windows Easy Transfer>click on the search result.

Windows transfer start

Step 2: When you get the Windows Easy Transfer window, click Next button

windows easy transfer 2

Step 3: Click on the link : An external hard disk or USB flash drive

windows easy transfer 3

Step 4: Click on This is my old computer

Windows transfer 4

Step 5: now you should wait several seconds for the Windows Easy Transfer to scan your PC data. When it is done, the size of the expected transferred data will be displayed on the window. Now, you should click on Customize under both User and Share Items.

windows transfer 5

Step 6: Now, please uncheck the box in front of the Windows settings, and then click on the little red X button. Click Next when you are back to the window before.

windows transfer 6

Step 7: If you want to protect your data by using a password, you can input your password now and click Next to continue.

windows transfer 7

Step 8: You will now be prompted for a location where you wish to save your file. You should double-click on the drive letter associated with the external drive that is plugged into your computer. Once you double-click on the drive, click on the Save button.

windows transfer 8

Step 9: Now the PC begins to save your data to the external drive.

Step 10: When your transfer file is complete, click on Next

windows transfer 9

Step 11: Click Next and close the window. Now shut down the old PC and unplug the external drive. Please proceed with the following steps that you need to perform on your new Windows 8 computer.

Guide to Do on the New PC

Step 1: please press Windows and C to get the Search bar, and click on Search icon

New PC 1

Step 2: type Windows Easy Transfer and click on the search result to open it.


Step 3: click Next button

new pc 3

Step 4: select An external hard disk or USB flash drive option

new pc 4

Step 5: please click on the This is my new PC

new pc 5

Step 6: Make sure the external drive is plugged into the new PC and then click on the Yes

new pc 6

Step 7: Now you get a window showing you all the available drives on your computer. Double-click on the drive where you saved your old data.

new pc 7

Step 8: click on Windows Easy Transfer – Items from old computer to select it and click Open

new pc 8

Step 9: click on the Advanced Options

new pc 9

Step 10: Now you can specify which account on the PC the user’s data from the old machine should go. When you think that it is OK, please click Save

new pc 10

Step 11: We will back to the Choose what to transfer screen. Now, click on the Transfer button.

Step 12: When this is finish, you will get two options: 1. See what was transferred. 2. See a list of apps you might want to install on your new PC. When you are ready, you can click on Close to close Windows Easy Transfer. Now, the data should be successfully transferred to your New PC.

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